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Making a 40-hour Work Week Manageable, Ep. 4
Episode 41st October 2020 • Yes, I Work From Home • April K Malone
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Matthew Stublefield is the head of education and a lead product manager at Adaptavist, the largest Atlassian services provider worldwide. He's looking forward to the birth of his second child and paternity leave later this fall and talks about this as well as the unlimited leave policy and what that looks like for him and his employees. Adaptavist is primarily a remote-work company based out of the UK, though they do have offices in several US cities, including Springfield, Missouri, where Matthew lives. His work requires some travel, and he goes to the local office on occasion to meet with colleagues; however, he has been primarily working from his home office for the past six years. He talks about how he left his previous job, where he was often putting in 60 to 80 hours a week; and he also shares how he negotiated a 40-hour workweek at his new job, even as a busy consultant. Matthew reveals some of his secrets as to how he has maintained this schedule as he's worked his way into new positions with more and more responsibility in a growing company.

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Things Matthew and his teams work on:


Some items Matthew uses and recommends are following, however, a more comprehensive list can be found at:

Rowing machine:

Chair--Matthew says: "Holy moly, they're expensive now! I got mine for $1000 and felt like I overpaid, but I do sit in it for sometimes 12 hours a day, often 6-8, and have had it now for 6 years."

Desk--"Strong recommendation for longevity, stability, etc":

Current Keyboard:


Matthew also added: "Something we didn't talk about, but I only have 1 monitor (I have a laptop tray on the second arm with the laptop closed most of the time). For me, a single monitor helps me focus on what I'm working on and helps me single-task. But I know my tech writers like having two monitors so they can compare multiple documents, so everyone's different on this."


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