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Neonatal Hyperbili Update | Little Less Sleepy
Episode 371st October 2022 • JournalFeed • Nick Zelt
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The JournalFeed podcast for the week of Sept 26-30th, 2022.

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Neonatal Hyperbili Update Spoon Feed

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated clinical guidelines for management of term infants presenting with hyperbilirubinemia. Relevant sections for ED providers include slightly raising phototherapy treatment thresholds, removing race as a consideration, and giving courses of action for infants requiring higher levels of care.

Little Less Sleepy Spoon Feed

This pilot trial showed that an educational initiative focused on reducing deep post-intubation sedation in the Emergency Department was feasible and associated with lower mortality, more ventilator-free and ICU-free days, and no increase in adverse events.



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