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American McGee @ Realms Deep 2020
6th September 2020 • In The Keep • In The Keep
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American McGee isn’t just the car mechanic that met John Carmack at 21 & went to work at id Software to made some of the greatest games of all time. He’s a father, a sailor & an intrinsic thinker with a unique background & perspective of the world we live in. Fred Schreiber (3D Realms) & TheMotherload (The Keep) catch up with American to figure out what makes him tic, the future of the Alice series, what being a new father in Shanghai is like & where the wind is carrying him today. // American McGee: // Fred Schreiber: // Editing by Haducant, Vince Steel, RedEyesGreenDragon // The Keep: // Realms Deep 2020: // 

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