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Progressions: Success in the Music Industry - Travis Ference EPISODE 17, 27th January 2021
Will Hatton: Lo-Fi, YouTube, and Being Consistent

Will Hatton: Lo-Fi, YouTube, and Being Consistent

Today’s guest is London based producer, composer, session musician, and sound designer Will Hatton.  Will’s main focus is producing and releasing music under the moniker Hush Child, but he’s got an array of other things on his plate as well.  He composes for and works with various creative agencies, streams life lo-fi performances,  and curates an educational YouTube series called “Inspired By...”. We have a great conversation about staying focused, scheduling your time, reflecting on your results, and stepping up to the plate for your endeavors.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Reflecting on your process
  • Fiercely defending and managing your time
  • The dangers of taking feedback too literally
  • Keeping yourself accountable
  • YouTube and the future of learning
  • The path of the modern musician
  • Going against the dated structure of education
  • Staying ahead of social media trends
  • Being a session musician from a young age
  • From metal to hip hop
  • Multiple streams of income and managing finances
  • Always learning
  • Structuring your day and scheduling
  • Running a studio in Brick Lane

Learn More About Will Hatton...

"Inspired By... " YouTube Channel - https://youtube.com/willhatton

Instagram - https://instagram.com/thewillhatton

Website - www.willhattonmusic.com

Listen to Hush Child on Spotify

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Guest: Will Hatton

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Travis Ference

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