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Episode 203Bonus Episode27th March 2024 • Black Writer Therapy Podcast • Ella Shawn
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Ella welcomed contemporary Black romance writer Natasha Bishop to a session and these are her session notes.

  • Ella discusses the impact of Only for the Week, on Black women
  • Natasha's writing style and her involvement in the Indie Black Book Community.
  • Ella shared her personal experiences as a Black mother
  • Difficult family dynamics
  • The need for positive contributions from Black males in the community.
  • Authenticity in writing
  • The transformative healing power of writing
  • The value of building a community of writers for support and creative inspiration. 


Natasha Bishop's session on the Black Writer Therapy podcast will air sometime in August of 2024!

Shout Out to J L Seegars and the release of her new book on Friday, the 29th of March! Be sure to support her and if you click here, shout out the Black Writer Therapy podcast.

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