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#14. Sexual Assault Case in Egypt Changes The Narrative of Women In The Country
Episode 149th July 2020 • Empathy Always Wins with Ally Salama • EMPWR House
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I'm kicking off Season 2 covering Egypt's historic sexual assault case.

In less than one week of the region’s trending sexual assault case, led by Egyptian youth, the prime minister of Egypt amended the country’s law to provide increased protection for the identities of sexual assault victims. 

One of the main reasons women do not speak up upon their sexual abuse/assault is due to fear of “damaging” their reputation and facing the consequences of society’s weighted stigma in the aftermath.


Today I'm incredibly excited to announce Season 2 will be a daily show of 5 to 10 minutes of bitesize information on how current trending world events are directly affecting our mental health.

We are living in unprecedented times so this 5minute daily show will help you digest everything around a little easier with no bs.

Stay tuned with me via instagram @allysalama and @empathyalwayswins and i'll catch you soon tomorrow.