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Unprecedented - Alarming Mental Condition of our Children
Episode 819th July 2023 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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This is a must listen, we can’t let our children suffer needlessly when they need our help. There are unprecedented statistics on depression and anxiety, suicide and drug overdoses among our young children, parents need real ideas on how to stay in touch and connected to their children.

Join me as I talk to Sue Horton who wrote the book "Raising a Resilient Family - How to Create Strong Connection and Communication in a Deeply Distracted World".

Having facilitated the healing of multiple families from major life conflicts and issues, we talk about some of her techniques to create open and honest communication and authentic connections. These approaches are the most effective tools Susan has used in both her private practice and at the therapeutic school for creating consistent, healthy relationships in a family. These ideas, when applied, really work! Susan believes that the family, no matter what shape it takes, is the foundation for civility in this world. Her greatest hope is to support parents in finding better ways to coexist with their children, successfully, and to help families develop resilience to thrive in extraordinary ways! Don’t miss this very important episode.

The first step in helping these children is to listen before it's too late.

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