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Episode 197th March 2023 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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Imagine the excitement you would feel if you knew you were close to invincible?

Karen Allen, mindfulness expert and CEO of 100% Human, discusses how she took the lessons learned from surviving an unimaginable personal tragedy, to teach leaders how to build their leadership resiliency muscles. Resiliency is an essential skill of “Leading with Courageous Agility.”


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Karen M. Allen is a Mindset Expert and TEDx Speaker who is passionate about empowering highly motivated individuals and business leaders to harness the power of their mindset and develop the self-awareness necessary to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

After the unexpected loss of her husband, Karen reclaimed control of her fate by rediscovering and healing herself from the inside out. Since 2014, Karen has been studying the human mind, positive psychology, and post traumatic growth.


  1. Why being resilient is not about suppressing emotions or bad habits. It is about dealing with them to affect positive change and outcomes. 
  2. Why living on auto-pilot is a recipe for mediocre accomplishments and a success inhibitor for high achievement of goals.
  3. Karen’s addition to the LATTOYG Playbook


[03:48] What made Karen up-end her career path to do what she does today.

[08:14] How Karen used her learnings from her personal tragedy to help leaders in the workplace.

[09:51] The moment Karen discovered the most powerful mindset exercise that she teaches today.

[12:25] What gets in people’s way of successfully using the mindset exercise.

[18:15] Why Karen loves Dr. Carol Dweck’s work.

[19:22] Learn the difference between mental strength, mental health and mental wellness.

[23:23] Karen’s entry into the LATTOYG leadership playbook.

[27:35] Signature Segment: Karen’s LATTOYG Tactic of Choice

[30:48] Signature Segment: Full Disclosure

[34:20] Signature Segment: Karan’s Take