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201 - Why Your Event needs a Crisis Communications Plan - with Tessa Drayton
Episode 20127th February 2023 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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When you host an event and something happens that wasn’t expected, how would you handle the situation? 


Our guest for this episode is Tessa Drayton. She is the Director of Communications at TND Communications and past Chair of the ISRM Trinidad Chapter. She is an experienced Communications Specialist who is also trained and certified in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management. Ms. Drayton’s goal is to help customers solve their why and be better communicators.

We Discuss:

  • What Promoters are missing in handling a crisis 
  • What types of crisis can occur at events

Tessa’s Top Tips:

  • Crisis Communication is not just for natural disasters. 
  • Digital Media is an effective communication tool that can be leveraged effectively to minimize mortality & further damage to a company's reputation.

Tessa’s Key Takeaways:

  • Have a Crisis Communication Plan because your Brand is the most valuable asset of your organization.

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