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Exploring the Intersections of Contract Law and Fandom: A Deep Dive with Megan Porth
Episode 117th September 2023 • Business Superfans Podcast • Frederick Dudek
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Welcome to Business Superfans Podcast , the twice-weekly show that discusses why having customers, employees, and business allies deeply engaged with your brand is essential for sustained success.

  1. But how do you create these ‘business superfans’?
  2. What tools and strategies should be used?
  3. How can business superfans contribute to your long-term success?

I'm your host, Frederick Dudek the author of the book called Creating Business Superfans! I'll be bringing guest speakers, and we'll explore the answers to these questions and much more.

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Megan Porth

Megan is the founder and managing attorney at Your Contract Shop. Her passion for helping businesses grow inspired her to go to law school, where she graduated with honors. Additionally, she interned with the Veterans’ Court at the Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix and The Institute for Justice in Tempe. Prior to law school, Megan worked as the Business Manager for a software development company, the Deputy Director for a statewide initiative, and a lobbyist for the Arizona Department of Veterans Services. After law school, Megan worked for a few small boutique firms in Phoenix that focused on business law, including entity formation, medical marijuana, mediation, litigation, licensing, and securities. During her time with these firms, she successfully drafted motions that secured unprecedented and celebrated victories for her clients in the medical marijuana industry.

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