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Desk Setups and iStat Menus
Episode 115th November 2023 • I'd Rather Be Scripting • Ash Arnwine & Kerri Shotts
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Recorded July 23, 2023


This episode is all about desk setups! (And a little about desktop menu bar setups…)

But first, Kerri and Ash catch up on We Connect the Dots, Apple II Basic, and summer movies. 

Desk setups

It's been alluded to a few times, and now it's actually happening—Kerri and Ash share all about their home desk setups.

Some of the gear they cover includes:

iStat Menus

Kerri and Ash then pull the trigger on doing a dive into their respective iStat Menu setups for monitoring their Mac hardware in real time. CPUs, GPUs, RAM, network, and more!