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Tell Why and What and leave the How to the people with Inanc Civaz
Episode 615th July 2021 • Agile People • david thomson
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Inanc Civaz has 20 years of international experience in management consultancy, with extensive and hybrid knowledge on strategy development, corporate and marketing communications, crisis management, cultural change, and the ability to deliver structural design without losing people's side.

She has a proven track record on business development in complex circumstances building strong internal and external stakeholder relationships at different organizational levels.

Inanc holds ab MA degree in Cultural Management, which has inspired her agile transformation projects. She is also a co-creator of the Agile People Manifesto.

She is the founder of Haga Business Consultancy B.V. where she offers training and consultancy in Turkey and the Netherlands.

Her purpose is to help individuals and organizations by combining her holistic experience with an Agile mindset, to create an inclusive environment, and to thrive together for a faster adaptation to changing business realities.

Specialisms: Business Agility/Organizational Restructuring/Cultural Change Management/Marketing and Corporate Communications/Business Development/Insight Analysis/Crisis Communication.