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Advocacy, Action, and the Future of Right to Repair [RR 857]
Episode 85713th June 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Join Lisa Foshee, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel of the Auto Care Association, and Paul McCarthy, President and CEO of MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Group, as they discuss the recent update to the law and the challenges that may arise in enforcing it. The recent decision by a federal judge in Massachusetts to allow the law to go into effect is a big step forward for the automotive industry, but there are still some challenges that need to be addressed. They discuss the limitations of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) model for data sharing between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and independent repair shops and urge listeners to sign the petition at and support the Federal Repair Act, also known as HR 906. Lisa and Paul describe the bill as a reasonable and critical solution to ensure vehicle repairability, safety, and cybersecurity. They stress the need for unified and passionate support from the industry to push Congress to take affirmative action and pass the bill.

Paul McCarthy, President and CEO of MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Group. Find Paul’s other episodes HERE.

Lisa Foshee, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and General Counsel of the Auto Care Association

Show Notes

  • Update on Right to Repair legislation (00:01:50)
  • Enforcement of the law (00:03:15) The judge denied the request for an injunction, and the law is now in effect and can be enforced. However, the attorney general's office has no immediate plans to enforce the law, which may require private lawsuits by consumers or owners of vehicles to go out and enforce the law.
  • Challenges in complying with the law (00:04:40) The OE's view is that the law is impossible to implement, and therefore they can't comply with it. The aftermarket has a different view and demonstrated to the judge in the trial that there were multiple ways to accomplish what the law requires.
  • Supporting Right to Repair (00:06:12) Encouragement to support Right to Repair legislation by completing a form on
  • Importance of Right to Repair (00:07:35) Discussion of the importance of Right to Repair legislation for free market competition and consumer choice, and the need for people to let their congressperson know that it matters to them.
  • Maine Right to Repair Initiative (00:11:36)
  • Democracy Win in Massachusetts (00:12:51) Paul McCarthy discusses the recent decision in Massachusetts as a win for democracy, as consumers voted overwhelmingly for the Right to Repair law.
  • Monetization of data (00:17:10) The OES's desire to make money off of data and the fear of losing revenue streams.
  • The Reasonable Bill (00:20:20) The Repair Act is a reasonable bill that seeks to ensure safety and cybersecurity in vehicle repairability. It is something the whole industry should support.
  • Action Timebound (00:22:05) It is critical to show unified and passionate support for the Federal Repair Act by signing the petition on The goal is to have a public hearing by the end of summer or early fall.

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