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The Guru Appearing in Ordinary Form Is Most Kind to Us
Episode 105th September 2022 • Lama Zopa Rinpoche Essential Extracts • Lama Zopa Rinpoche
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Our gurus appear to us according to our impure karma, in an ordinary aspect, showing mistakes and having delusions. Because of this ordinary aspect, we are able to see the guru, communicate with the guru, and receive teachings and advice. Without their manifesting in this ordinary aspect we would remain lost in samsara, like a small child abandoned in a desert. We could not become free from the lower realms, from samsara, and from the lower nirvana, nor could we achieve the great nirvana of enlightenment. Because every second that our guru appears to us in an ordinary aspect is most unbelievably kind and precious, we should cherish our guru as more precious than the numberless buddhas. The teaching for this episode was recorded on April 6, 2018, at Great Stupa Of Universal Compassion, Australia. 





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