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The State of the DC Power Industry
Episode 14th August 2021 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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In this very first episode of the DC Power Hour podcast, our host Dave Neubert introduces the podcast and his guests. In the first segment of the podcast, “Battery Blarney”, Dave introduces George Pedersen and Allen Byrne, two experts who will be featured in every episode of the podcast. Today they are sharing their story – how they have started and what motivates them to continue working. They touched on some of the problems and challenges they have seen over the years, and shared their thoughts on where the industry is going. 

The second segment of the podcast is “10 Powerful Questions in 10 Minutes”. Today’s guest host Andrew Charlton, the stationary power expert and sales manager, talks with Lucas Berndt, the product expert when it comes to industrial stationary chargers.

Episode Highlights

01:50 – “Battery Blarney” with George and Allen. They share about how they started and what brought them to Eagle Eye. 

07:18 – When you spend so much of your time working, it is important to enjoy what you’re doing. The other thing that motivates me is stupidity. And correcting some of the problems and misunderstandings.

09:20 – We’ve lost a couple of generations of power engineers that understand the job. It is short-sightedness. 

20:20 – It was fascinating to see how something that I had worked on all these years ago has been developed over the years in different formats to now being used to power 5G

24:40 – “10 in 10” section – Lucas Berndt is answering ten questions on where the charger industry is and where it is going.

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