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Pharcyde, Pegs, and Pars… Long and Wrong….
Episode 2631st August 2022 • Don't Be Alarmed We're Negros • Band Dork Media
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This episode will cover Golf News of the Week | This Week’s: LIV Golf Boston Event | Last Weeks: PGA Tour Championship (Eastlake) |  Front 9 - What Group You Not Fond Of ??? | Back 9 - What will be your football team's record? | What Are We Hating On | Gigging Golf Songs of the Week: 

JID, EARTHGANG - Can't Punk Me (Official Audio)

Golf News of the Week

Who Left for the LIV???

Hosts: Suga @kaluaa7878 Emitch @chuck_da_nerd Buga @ny2sd28 Uppity Negro @thatmarcusdude Mikey Alli @bamboalli

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