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Reframe Your Conceptions of Money to "Think Like a Bank" and Create Generational Wealth with Sarry Ibrahim.
6th November 2022 • Ba Vojdaan! • James and Sana Newcomb
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In this episode with Sarry Ibrahim, you'll discover:

-Sarry's backstory and becoming a financial wiz...02:00

-The #1 stressor for Americans when it comes to money...04:28

-Reconciling our expectations regarding quality of life vs. exponentially rising cost of living...05:15

-Popular streams of passive income (that are not related to real estate)...07:40

-The criteria Sarry uses to decide whether or not he'll invest in a product/service...11:10

-How to "think like a bank" and create generational wealth without making a bunch of nameless, faceless bankers rich...15:00

-Challenges in reframing our thinking regarding finances and money...17:50

-Sarry's advice for Sana, who's just arrived in the United States, to make her mark in the American economy...22:00

-And much more!

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