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407. Optimizing Everything in Your Life with Chris Hutchins
Episode 40727th December 2021 • The Rob Murgatroyd Show • Rob Murgatroyd
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Chris Hutchins hacks everything. Literally, everything. After his love of travel opened him up to the idea that there are an endless number of ways to get things done, he became obsessed with finding the best way to accomplish anything and everything. But does it really make sense for a Silicon Valley entrepreneur to focus on saving a few bucks on their grocery list? In this conversation, Chris dives into why he started his podcast, All the Hacks, how the definition of “optimal” changes as your life does, and where to draw the line between optimizing and just plain living.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [02:07] Growing up with entrepreneurial roots and taking hold in the tech industry
  • [08:54] Organizing LaidOffCamp
  • [16:37] How a love of travel lead to a passion for optimization
  • [23:26] The line between optimizing and living
  • [27:47] The “no f&^%s given” number
  • [34:11] The quest to find all the hacks
  • [41:50] Rapid fire questions


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