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Franchising is on Fire - FAQs & Insights with Kim Daly
Episode 10018th July 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Kim Daly has spent the last 20 years helping people achieve financial freedom by enabling them to find the perfect franchise opportunities. Her skill for matching a client’s background, interests, skills, finances, and life goals to the ideal opportunity has made her one of the top franchise consultants in the country. Today, we are here to gain insights into what can seem like a daunting process - deciding on the perfect franchise to enable you to gain financial freedom.

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 12:36]  Addressing the Frequently Asked Questions about Franchising

  • Kim Daley believes that franchising is a great way to achieve financial freedom and build a legacy.
  • While franchising can be a great option for businesses with low fixed costs and predictable, scalable revenue, it is important to find a franchise that is a good fit for the individual owner's skills and personality
  • Some industries are better suited than others for franchise ownership, with sales being one key factor that leads to success. Have a strong franchisor behind it.

.[12:37 - 43:12]  Secrets to a Successful Franchise

  • A good franchisor is competitive and coachable. Successful franchisors prioritize the people placed in the business and have a strong track record.
  • Many people turn to franchises because they see the potential for high profits, but if the franchisor is not invested in the success of their franchisees, there is little chance for success.
  • The franchising industry has become more sophisticated, allowing for vertical scalability.

[43:13 - 45:16] Closing Segment

Interested in franchising? Kim is here to help! Connect with her through the links below.

Key Quote:

“An entrepreneur has to be in love with the business because they're creating it, right? They're bringing something new to market, and they have to have their hands in all aspects of it.” - Kim Daly

“In good times and bad, the franchise industry grows. People always want opportunities.” - Kim Daly

“Ultimately, as the owner of the business, the success of that business is in your hands. So what you believe to be true is ultimately what you will make true. So we have to be careful what we believe.” - Kim Daly

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