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Technology and Venture Capital Environment in Ukraine, with Yevgen Sysoyev
Episode 1411th November 2019 • Deal Talk with 7MA • 7 Mile Advisors
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In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, 7 Mile Partner Leroy Davis talks with Yevgen Sysoyev. Yevgen is a Managing Director and one of the founders at AVentures Capital, a venture capital firm based in Kyiv, Ukraine. AVentures Capital is a hybrid investment fund that invests primarily in firms based in Ukraine, but get most of their revenue from the United States and the European Union.

Yevgen begins by talking about his home country of Ukraine and explores why he believes the Unkraine is responsible for producing so much talent in the fields of math, technology, and software engineering. (3:54) Yevgen then spends a few minutes discussing the venture capital industry in Ukraine and how that industry is developing. (7:27)

We then hear Yevgen reveal where AVentures Capital is most interested in investing their money. (12:31) This leads to a discussion about Ukraine’s financial capabilities compared to other countries around the world. (14:48) Yevgen wraps up the episode by examining how the current entrepreneurial climate in Ukraine was fostered. (19:06)

To find more information about Yevgen Sysoyev and AVentures Capital, visit their website at or follow Yevgen on Twitter @YevgenSysoyev.

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