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13. Should I Start A Real Estate Team? Part 1/3
Episode 1317th July 2023 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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One of the questions I get most commonly from agents who I consult and coach is "Should I start a real estate team"? And my answer is always this - "Maybe! And maybe not! It's really complex. Let's talk about that a lot more."

In this 3 episode series, I break down all the key things you should think about, evaluate, and decide upon before forming a team. I want to help you avoid the biggest mistakes and pitfalls I've seen time and time again, and empower you to do this really well, so you end up happy, profitable, and with happy team members!

In episode 1/3, we're diving into defining the value you'll be offering to your team members. Including:

  • Leads (including the quantity, quality, and source of those leads)
  • Your time and energy (aka coaching, training, leadership)
  • Listing and contract to closing support
  • Marketing services and support
  • Operations, systems, and infrastructure

We'll also talk about how to avoid the biggest mistake of all - not being honest with yourself and your prospective team members about your strengths and biggest points of value, as well as your weaknesses and gaps.

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