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EP 244 - QUIZ - Business or Bullshit with Mehreen Baig - Broadcaster and Author - BBC
Episode 24429th September 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Mehreen's in the quiz seat this week having to deal with Andy's thoughts on Boris's office shenanigans and how he may have to follow suit!


00:33 Understanding ESG Investing

00:47 Debate on Company Health Insurance

01:01 China and Business

01:23 Working in Your Garden: Business or Bullshit?

01:46 TikTok: A Poison or a Business Tool?

02:30 Staff No Dating Policies: A Discussion

03:43 Search Engine Optimization: Understanding SEO

03:55 Silicon Roundabout: A Startup Hub

04:13 Right Wing and Conservative Government: A Heated Debate

04:56 Intrapreneurship: A New Term in Business

05:16 Loving What You Do: A Key to Success

05:28 MBAs: A Worthy Investment or Not?

05:51 Having More Than One Career or Job: A Necessity

05:58 Fake It Till You Make It: A Business Mantra

06:05 Quiz Conclusion and Winner Announcement

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