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1071 - Sustainable Merchandise with Coolperx's Lou Elliott-Cysewski
12th February 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO of Coolperx, Lou Elliott-Cysewski. 

Coolperx is a sustainable branding merchandise company that works with enterprise companies to help them create brand merchandise programs that are built on sustainability. This means they’re offering innovative merchandise that's meaningful to their stakeholders.

Lou shares that she went on a discovery journey to discover the innovations of new products with branding opportunities. She saw opportunities for companies to turn the typical expectations on their head and offer something with enterprise branding to consumers that they could truly use. She wanted these items to help communities and show that these companies really do appreciate their customers. 

Lou also talks about what items are being branded during the pandemic. Right now, they’re seeing sanitization products and even sweatpants to help communities feel comforted and cozy!

Josh and Lou also talk about other products Coolperx has sourced. One company they worked with, she shares, wanted to reinvent backpacks. The backpack they chose is totally sustainable and are refurbished after they are discarded. This is a way for major enterprises to show they care about sustainability and actually giving back to the community. Offering products that serve a purpose on a sustainable foundation is an amazing way to send these messages. 

It all starts with research, Lou shares. Networking is one way she grew her expertise, and she continues to invest in networking to consistently grow her business. 

Josh and Lou also explore her military experience. As an Army nurse, she understood how to function without a sense of stability. This training and experience contributed to how she runs her business today. She shares that she responds as needed – this is what helps her cope with the daily stressors of running a successful business. 

Most of Coolperx’s business comes from referrals. Their approach is so unique and different that they only target enterprises that value sustainability. No matter how you slice it, Coolperx is redefining the ‘swag’ space in big business. As thought leaders in the space, they are pushing for the industry to adapt. There are standards the industry should live up to – and they push for that message to become the norm. 

Understanding the carbon footprint of the products you choose to disperse as an enterprise is incredibly important and wildly under practiced. Coolperx can help enterprises take an innovative, sustainable look at their merchandise product offerings. 

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