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Corey deVos (Part 3) – Illuminating the Integral Vision: A Metatheory for Understanding Our Self, Life, and the World
Episode 6916th March 2023 • Deep Transformation • Deep Transformation Podcast
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Ep. 69 (Part 3 of 3) | Corey deVos is the heart and center of Integral Life, the organization that revolves around the work of Ken Wilber. Corey became passionate about Integral Theory at the age of 19, and in this lively conversation, he is clearly every bit as passionate about the actuality and the promise of Integral today. Here, Corey gives a terrifically lucid explanation of what the term Integral encompasses: a stage of psychological development, a description of Ken Wilber’s life’s work, and a comprehensive map that comes alive for people, guiding their way and making sense out of enormously complex issues. Corey also describes Integral as a gateway between two massive phases in human history—the “adolescent” phase of collective development now starting to fall behind us and an integrated phase quite possibly ahead.

Corey infuses the complex topics under discussion—the Integral metatheory, social issues that never seem to get resolved, human evolution itself—with optimism and enthusiasm, clarity and light, a testament to his own embodiment of Integral consciousness. At Integral Life, Corey co-hosts The Ken Show (with Ken Wilber), applies Integral to social issues like racism and justice in his podcast series, and excels at finding creative ways of translating the complexities of Integral Theory into easy-to-understand nuggets of information. This conversation is a brilliant, beautiful illumination of the Integral vision, covering how Integral has evolved and describing what it can do for our future. Recorded on November 10, 2022.

“The more we can make room for each other’s perspective…that’s how you go about solving the kind of political tribalization and polarization that is so prominent today.”

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Topics & Time Stamps – Part 3

  • The early days of Integral after the end of its “dark ages” (01:50)
  • What was Integral Naked exactly? (03:18)
  • Robb Smith takes over the leadership of Integral Life (06:16)
  • The early days conversations are as relevant today as when they were recorded (08:57)
  • The evolution of Integral Life, what’s going on now: political sensemaking, intra personal development, live community practice groups, and much more (10:08)
  • Corey’s development of trust and confidence doing the work: from instrument to symphony (15:50)
  • Carrying on the flame that was ignited by Ken Wilber (20:30)
  • The curse of Ken Wilber is being born ahead of his time (22:04)
  • What is most exciting to Corey right now? Taking Integral ideas and expressing them artistically with woodwork (24:41)
  • Where is Integral headed? As the framework is applied in the world, it’s going to start generating real impact (28:25)
  • Integralists are growing up, cleaning up, and now is the time for a collective “showing up” (30:51)

Resources & References – Part 3

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Corey deVos is the Executive Producer of Integral Life, an online media platform that focuses on the application of Integral Theory to personal and social transformation. Integral Theory is a comprehensive framework that seeks to integrate multiple perspectives, including the subjective, objective, inter-subjective, and inter-objective dimensions of human experience.

Corey deVos is also a writer, woodworker, musician, and teacher, who has been involved in the integral community for many years. He is a frequent host and guest on Integral Life’s podcast, where he engages in deep conversations with leading thinkers, artists, and practitioners in the integral world. He is known for his ability to articulate complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner, and for his commitment to fostering a more inclusive and integrated worldview. Corey is a devoted father and husband, and lives with his family in Longmont, Colorado.


Podcast produced by Vanessa Santos and Show Notes by Heidi Mitchell