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Is Podcasting Hard?
Episode 214th February 2023 • Creative Podcasting • KP Creative Media
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Are you wondering if podcasting is hard? Look no further! Creative Podcasting has the answers. Kim, an experienced podcast enthusiast, has been listening to audiobooks for over a decade and has created hundreds of episodes. She will explain the basics of creating a podcast, from the technical side, such as equipment and software, to the mindset behind creating captivating content. Plus, Kim shares valuable tips on how to brainstorm topics and break them down into bite-size chunks. Tune in to Creative Podcasting to discover how you can create an impactful and SEO-enhanced podcast episode.



I just found it really hard. I found it hard to find the time, or I found it hard to get everything right. It never sounded right. And let me tell you, podcasting doesn't have to be perfect. Because I am talking to. An individual person. I am not talking to multiple people. And that's one thing that you need to remember.

looking at a computer screen [:

I'm not really talking to. , I'm actually talking to you, a person, and that person wants to know, is it hard to podcast? Now, I am a podcast enthusiast. I have been listening to audiobooks. I'm gonna go back to audiobooks. Okay? I've been listening to audiobooks before. Audible was owned by Amazon, so a long time.

and I've been a member since:

That is insane listening time. You ready for this? My total listening time on the Audible app is five months, six days, eight hours, and 24 minutes, and that is always growing. I can tell you that in the past couple of months I've slowed down quite a bit as I've been listening to a little bit more on YouTube, but you know, that's okay.

ays to make podcast episodes [:

You are always looking to add value, always looking to add some kind of knowledge to your listeners. That's what's really important. They want to learn from you. . That's what I'm hoping to bring to you in each and every episode. So with the right tools, anyone can create an interesting and entertaining podcast episode.

g that meaningful and unique [:

That's. in this podcast. We are gonna go over all of those in different episodes, but my goal is to bring them in bite size chunks so you can actually create and do actionable events on each one of them. Now, it's also very important to create the content that resonates with your audience. You don't wanna be creating content that is for a completely different subset of somebody else that you don't really wanna work with anyway.

audience is one person that [:

If that is you, then you're in the right spot, right? And I am reaching out to the right people. So that is great. Now a little bit more about this here, as long as you have that right equipment and maybe a little bit of an eye for creativity, you can create fantastic episodes that are gonna captivate your listeners.

And let me just also tell you that a lot of this is mindset. Now you need to be comfortable. In front of your computer screen or in front of Zoom. You don't even have to record them in a DA or you don't have to record it in Audacity, Hindenberg, garage, band, any of that. I even have clients that record their podcast episodes and closets on their iPhones.

till works as long as you're [:

It's okay. again, pretend that you're best friend's in the room. Or, you know what? Maybe talk to your dog, . Pretend that your dog is that person and you're talking to. or your cat, or your bird, or your husband, although I will suggest that if you have a bird, you might, because I have chickens, you might not want to record in the same room as them because they can't be noisy, right?

rainstorm those topic ideas, [:

Break those up into bite size chunks. Keep it simple, keep them really short, and then expand on those. . There's all sorts of different ways that you can bring your podcast to life if you're in the proper mindset, you'll be able to realize that what you are bringing to people in the world is exactly what you can talk about. Now you just have to stop and think. Whatever your business is, whatever your topics are, those are what you're going to be most comfortable with. Don't make it overtaxing for you.

You'll want to make sure that whatever it is that you're talking about, you know that inside and out and you're comfortable talking about it. And now if you're. Comfortable talking about it or you don't know about it inside out. That's actually a great way to bring on guests, right? When you're just like, oh, I'm not quite sure.

Then invite a guest [:

Because if you give them too many, In an episode to consume, they probably will just go, what? Nah, I'm all good, . And they'll just start walking away. So we wanna keep them on the platform and we wanna keep them coming back each week for more and. This way, you'll want to make sure that you're going to get the most listeners and the most reviews, because let's face it, getting those reviews is going to help you [00:08:00] be reached in Apple and all the rest of those platforms.

They love reviews and ratings, so they're gonna just pull your podcast up to the top and show it to more people as they come through. Next episode we're gonna talk about what do you need to get started. I'm gonna talk a little bit about the software, the hardware, and all of those things there.

And then after that, that would be the third episode for this particular, Release, and then we'll bring you episodes weekly after that. if you have been enjoying this or you have any podcasting questions, please reach out to me at kim kp creative and let me know what it is that you are looking to learn in this particular podcasting.

so much for joining me, and [: