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NOT REAL ART Celebrates 2019 Artist Grant Winners: Rachel O’Donnell, Beth Abaravich, Edmund Arevalo, + Thony Loui
Episode 8024th March 2020 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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In this episode, we celebrate the culture of creativity by bringing something new to the show. A couple of months ago, we did a video production project at Art Share L.A. in which we interviewed our grant winners in talk-show format. Today, in this podcast, we’re releasing the audio of the first production shoot which included Cheyenne Sauter, the executive director of Art Share L.A., who joined Sourdough in conversation with four of our twelve grant winners.

Tuning in to this episode, you will hear from artists Rachel O’Donnell, Beth Abaravich, Edmund Arevalo, and Thony Loui who discuss their experience of applying for and winning the grant, where they go to learn about available grants, and fighting the paralyzing fear that often prevents artists from putting themselves out there. They also talk about the challenges they face as full-time small business owners, dealing with the financial and administrative tasks, connecting with the art community, and making time to be inspired by the work of others. Each of our guests also discusses their artistic journey, the development of their style, and the social-political messages they wish to send into the world. For more information about artists, links and resources from this episode, please visit

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background info on the NRA video production project filmed at the Art Share L.A.
  • Cheyenne on launching the grant and their longstanding commitment to supporting artists.
  • The number and type of grants our four guests typically apply for annually.
  • How they experienced the application process and finding out that they had won.
  • The crippling fear and tendency to overthink that prevent many artists from applying. 
  • Where they go to find grants, including the California Arts Council.
  • The joy of being able to spend the grant money in whichever way they choose.
  • The challenge of monetizing art, getting paid, and learning the business side of things.
  • Juggling the various responsibilities involved in operating a full-time small business.
  • Thony on his involvement in the community in Haiti and his work with Conan O’Brien. 
  • Beth on choosing between Bob Mackie and Rampage after graduating from Otis College.
  • Transitioning from fashion to art, getting her MFA, and how she combines the two fields.
  • Common pain points for artists: from copyright dilemmas to writing about your own art.
  • An explanation of Rachel’s figurative work deconstructing the feminine.
  • How Edmund’s work reflects the “push and pull” of his Filipino-American culture. 
  • An explanation about the absence of people in Thony’s work.