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The Launch Strategist - Katrina Douglas EPISODE 22, 10th June 2020
#22: Launching Legacy Part 1
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#22: Launching Legacy Part 1

In this episode Katrina Douglas launches a new series titled ‘Launching Legacy’ where she discusses how to build a Legacy driven project.

In this episode she tackles the question 'what is a legacy-driven project?

Well here's the litmus test:

They are about...

  • Long term success
  • Commercial viability
  • Mission focus

How to launch a sustainable long-term project?

  • Be prepared to go the long way
  • Keep your eye on the prize
  • Focus on strategy rather than tactics
  • Have systems and processes to sustain what you are building

If you need help with your Legacy project find out more about the Legacy Conference experience and consider joining us next time.

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