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Group Programs Shouldn't Be Reliant on Your Magic
Episode 19319th April 2024 • Built to Last • Megan Huber
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Group coaching isn't something you just do. There's challenges coaches and consultants face when transitioning from one-on-one coaching to group coaching. There's a fear of maintaining high-quality results for group coaching clients while balancing marketing, sales, and client delivery.

I discuss the importance of a robust onboarding process, client progress tracking, and having a client concierge to support clients and manage communication effectively.

A key component to the success of your group coaching program is having accountability structures, such as accountability buddies and pods, to foster deeper connection and engagement within the group.

Take a listen for some real talk on what you need to consider when creating your group program and make sure to register for our upcoming Group Coaching Mastery Workshop in May.


02:51 Overcoming Fear of Burnout in Group Coaching

05:30 The Importance of Following a Framework

11:14 Implementing Effective Client Support Systems

19:27 Tracking Client Progress for Success

21:55 Building Accountability and Community Support

30:51 Overcoming Fear in Running Group Coaching Calls

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