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April 2024 Horoscopes: Susan Miller, Eclipse Expert
Episode 4312th April 2024 • Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast • Laura von Holt, Alex Gershuny
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Happy birthday, Aries! It’s your time to shine and apparently to attract lots of money. So keep your eyes peeled and your wallets open this April because Susan Miller has declared you a money magnet!

There’s a lot going on in the world, so Laura and Alex begin the episode by catching up on the recent earthquake in New York and the excitement surrounding the Great American Eclipse. (The gals learned recently this is its real name and not something that Susan made up, as they suspected. But doesn’t it sound like a Susan special?!) The Embezzlement Update is up next, and boy, was Laura embezzled!!! She shares all the details of Susan’s incredible on-the-nose prediction from her March horoscope.

Susan Miller Businesswoman and Susan Miller Eclipse Expert share top billing in this month’s Note, so Susan has no choice but to tell us yet again about her essay on eclipses and how we can access it through her paid app. After a recap of Susan’s plans for April, Laura tells Taurus that the eclipse may result in happy surprises and an exciting social calendar, while Alex assures the Scorps that they are not doomed. 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Embezzlement Update:  05:36

Note from Susan Miller:  09:17

Aries: 16:59

Taurus: 28:48

Scorpio: 38:39

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