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Angel Magic Wealth: Corin Grillo
Episode 1222nd January 2023 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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Corin Grillo is the author of Angel Wealth Magic and The Angel Experiment. She is also a Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, a licensed psychotherapist, visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and proprietor of the Casa Condor retreat center in Mount Shasta, California. She offers online trainings in authentic spiritual leadership, nature immersions, intuitive healing arts, and in-person trainings. She has dedicated her life to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with the angels.

In this conversation, Lee and Corin explore:

  • (03:15) Why wealth magic is not woo-woo.
  • (06:56) The hurdles she had to overcome as a psychotherapist to own the truth for herself and invite people to heal in a different way.
  • (13:45) Shame being a block to our abundance.
  • (20:55) The process of writing her book and what surprised her.
  • (32:07) How her retreat center came to be and the medicine she has already received.
  • (38:25) Her process as an intuitive and being an ambassador of all elements of her work.
  • (40:14) 2023-2024 - her sense of what we may need in the world

To learn more about her work:

To read her book:



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