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The Whole Marketer Ep68 - Flexible working with guest Claire Low
10th May 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Episode #68. Flexible working is this episode’s personal understanding topic for marketers - how we balance work and life, not only for ourselves to make time for all aspect in our lives, but also for those in our care.

Flexible working is the ability to define our working patterns that fit around our life as a whole. Post pandemic, we have proven to many employers that where we work and when, for many, doesn’t reduce our productivity, yet can improve our work-life balance.

Abby’s guest for this episode is Claire Low, Marketing Director at Mondelez, with years of experience on major household brands including Cadburys and Hovis.

Claire shares her own experience of asking for flexible working, when & why to ask for flexible working, and how remote working brought her closer with her team. Plus, career highs and lows and advice for marketers.

This podcast is sponsored by Labyrinth Marketing 

Host: Abigail Dixon FCIM/ICF | LinkedIn

Guest: Claire Low | LinkedIn

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