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Episode 491st December 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are honored to be sharing this episode with you! Welcome to the pod... Stephen Nibley. Shelby was introduced to Stephen through her yoga teacher training at The Yoga Underground, and he soon after has been one her meditation coaches and helped her work towards being her higher self.

Stephen is a Professor and has taught classes at Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. He has developed a course that integrates ancient yoga roots and principles along with modern science on how we understand the functions and processes of the brain. The course he developed is called "Where the yoga meets the road" and he goes into depth on some of the principles and foundation on how he can help provide a safe environment for others to heal and progress in releasing old thinking patterns that no longer serve us.

This episode is packed with educational aspects, in which Stephen teaches us age old wisdom, terminology, lot's of definitions, and he shares lots of resources that have been helpful for him.

One of our favorite parts of the conversation is when Stephen explains the difference between thinking errors (i.e. black and white thinking or as soon as... thinking), limiting beliefs (i.e. I'm not good enough), and traumatic memories. Not only does he help us understand the difference, the definition, and the role they play in our current behavior patterns, he also helps us understand how we can overcome and make necessary changes in our thought organization to make lasting and peaceful results.

In this conversation we also touch on masculine and feminine energy, gender signaling, mom guilt, the real definition of power, how to deal with burnout, and what in the world an emotion is.

This is a power packed episode! If you would like to work with Stephen you can email him at or you can call or text him at 801-427-0683.

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