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Deeper Christian Podcast - NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson) EPISODE 150, 25th March 2020
A Fresh Look at Psalm 23 and Jesus Being Our Good Shepherd

A Fresh Look at Psalm 23 and Jesus Being Our Good Shepherd

Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 150

Most of us know Psalm 23 quite well – it's that great Psalm of comfort and hope amidst any circumstance.

In the uncertain and rather crazy circumstances we are currently in, we need to be reminded that Jesus is our Good Shepherd and He is actively shepherding our lives. In short, He is giving provision, protection, and direction to us just as a shepherd does with his sheep.

In this Deeper Christian episode, Nathan Johnson gives a big picture understanding of Psalm 23 and discusses 4 amazing revelations found in the passage:

  1. God's intimacy is revealed
  2. God's continuing salvific work is revealed
  3. God's character is revealed
  4. God's purpose is revealed 

If you are looking for encouragement and hope in these troubled times, this episode will point you back to our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ.

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