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Learning to Focus on the Goal, Not the Obstacle
Episode 317th May 2023 • Successful Women Think Differently • Valorie Burton
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Are you focusing on what you want – or what you don't want? Successful women, when setting goals, are focusing on the positive things, rather than describing what they don't want. I'm Valorie Burton, and if you are ready to reframe the way in which you are articulating your vision by asking yourself three key questions, I believe you will achieve that much more. 

Today I'm talking about ways in which we can learn to refocus our attention on where we are going, reminding ourselves not to get too overwhelmed by the object that is in the way sometimes. 

This all starts with learning to ask ourselves 'what do I want?' and articulating a positive goal. Because then the destination is what matters, and we can remember it when that overwhelming object starts to grow bigger. 

Finding that locus of control, that thing that you can control, will shape your experience in a positive way. Peace is always at the top of my list. When I am at peace, even in a difficult season, I can walk through a situation with grace. So I remind myself that I want peace. What does success look like for you in this season of your life? Let's find out. 

"When you ask 'what do you want?' you take the focus off of the negative, off of the problem and the thing you don't want, and you refocus on what you want." ~ Valorie Burton

In This Episode:

- Asking yourself Powerful Questions (PQs) that lead to breakthroughs

- Interrupting your thought pattern to ask yourself: what do you want?

- Learning to take your focus off of the object that is in your way

- How can we define getting on the same page as someone else?

- What is your season? Appreciating where you are in your life

- Why ‘purpose fuels perseverance’ when it comes to our goals

- What will your goal give you that you don’t have right now? 

And so much more!

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