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MarketEd NOT Live - MarketEd.Live EPISODE 2, 16th November 2020
Simpler Marketing: Roger Edwards
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Simpler Marketing: Roger Edwards

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Season 3 Episode 2: Roger Edwards 

Season three kicked off with our interview with Amir Bazrafshan talking about video marketing, and it was brilliant. If you haven’t given it a listen yet, check it out here. Episode two is all about simplification, so we are going to cut the faff.  

Episode 2, Simpler Marketing with Roger Edwards, marketer, author and cat enthusiast.  

What you will learn... 

  • Understanding the need to justify our role and marketers and the need to simplify what we do 
  • How Roger got to where he is now, rising through the ranks to eventually become Marketing Director 
  • Why Roger wants to simplify marketing after being left frustrated in the finance industry 
  • The importance of informal and chatty language, even when there are rules, regulations and corporate guidelines to follow 
  • The need to translate your marketing efforts into business results in order to sell to the c-suite 
  • How the pandemic has proved that companies can be nimble and adaptable 
  • How new technologies and tools have increased the rate of change in marketing and what that means for marketers 
  • Insight into the wonderful mind of Roger Edwards and his book, and just exactly why he called it ‘Cats Mats and Marketing Plans’ 
  • The importance of simple and effective message 


Resources mentioned in this episode... 

The best way to get a hold of Roger is through his social channels. On Twitter his handle is @Roger_Edwards and here he is on LinkedIn. Alternatively, if you aren’t on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can contact Roger through his website rogeredwards.co.uk