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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 31, 4th December 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Greg Davis, Gusto
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Product Marketing Insider | Greg Davis, Gusto

In this week’s episode of Product Marketing Insider, we were joined by Greg Davis, an experienced product marketer and Gusto’s former PMM. We discussed his career spanning PMM, PM, start-ups, and more and how product marketing has played a role in each, how the teams he worked with changed based on the org and his views on the perfect PMM scope, his passion for product, his top tips for PMMs planning to go solo, advice for aspiring PMMs and heaps more. 


"PMM is definitely more focused on the go-to-market, is taking whatever it is that we're building, and putting the best face on it humanly possible to get the most people to adopt, appreciate or, want to spend money on your product. Obviously, that's the part we own. The PM definitely owns the build phase, where we're actually trying to bring this concept to life."