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The Costs of Ignoring Safety: An Interview with KPA’s Deren Boyd
Episode 2417th May 2023 • The Safety Meeting • KPA
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In the current financial climate, many companies are looking for items to cut from the budget. A quality safety program should not be one of them. Safety issues don't disappear when ignored, and doing nothing can actually cost a company significantly in the long run. 

That's why Deren Boyd, KPA's SVP of New Markets has joined to talk about all the costs of ignoring safety, including some you may not have considered.

  • (00:51) - Why companies ignore safety 
  • (02:45) - What ‘doing nothing’ looks like
  • (06:19) - Productivity costs
  • (09:42) - Regulatory risks
  • (10:59) - Reputational costs
  • (13:22) - TCOR: Total Cost of Risk
  • (15:29) - Benefits of a proactive approach to safety 

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