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Ep. 131 - Suzy Batiz on Radical Resonance, Ayahuasca + Her $300 Milllion Dollar Idea That Is Liberating People Everywhere
Episode 13117th July 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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This episode has pretty much everything you could want out of a podcast: it’s natural, hilarious, interesting, fun, and with just a little bit of poop. That’s because Krista + Lindsey got to sit down with Suzy Batiz, creator of Poo-Pourri.


After her second bankruptcy at 40, Suzy embarked on a spiritual quest and discovered the lost art of tapping the body for stored creativity and ideas. She grew Poo-Pourri into a $300M+ business using a combination of somatic training, quantum physics, and interpersonal evolutionary processes, which she’s dubbed the Radical Resonance System.


We definitely spend some time talking about the product and what it’s like to be a female founder, but things get a lot deeper than that – there’s even an absolutely incredible ghost story that Lindsey + Krista can not stop sharing at parties!


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This episode includes…


  • Suzy’s awesome experiences with ayahuasca

  • Healing the wounds of an abusive and tumultuous childhood

  • Finding the light to physical and spiritual wellness

  • Coming up with (and being drawn towards) the idea for Poo-Pourri

  • Overcoming two bankruptcies

  • Why Suzy never says she’s sorry for saying no

  • The 4 signs of resonance

  • Suzy’s relationship with fear + how she accepts those thoughts

  • Bringing a conscious lifestyle into your business culture

  • Conscious parenting

  • Why there have to be aliens

  • Talking about taboo topics + the (often hilarious) poop stories that Suzy hears every day

  • Living in a church

  • Suzy’s relationship with the spirits in her home

  • How JP Sears has inspired Suzy


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