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Van vs. RV: Myths, Truths & Experiences from an Owner of Both
Episode 1826th September 2023 • RV Dreaming •
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In this intriguing episode, I delve into this article from Wayfarer Vans that lists out 7 reasons why a camper van might be superior to an RV. As an owner of both, I provide a unique lens to dissect each point, challenging, affirming, or elaborating on them.


  • RV or Van?: Dive into the distinct characteristics of both these lifestyles and what each one brings to the table.
  • Cost Factor: We dig into the costs associated with RVs and vans, considering factors like maintenance, fuel, and more.
  • Travel Styles Unveiled: Discuss how both these vehicles cater to distinct travel personas and the flexibility they offer.
  • Mythbusters: Drawing from my own experiences, I weigh in on which of the article's claims hold water and which might be stretching the truth.

Whether you're firmly in the RV camp, a staunch van lifer, or someone sitting on the fence, this episode offers a firsthand comparison to help you make an informed decision about your future travels.

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