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WTH is going on with Biden’s Russia policy? Jonathan Swan on why US allies fear Biden won’t stand up to Putin on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
3rd March 2021 • What the Hell Is Going On • American Enterprise Institute
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Construction of the Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that runs gas from Russia to Germany while bypassing Ukraine, halted on the threat of sanctions from the Trump administration, but resumed almost immediately upon President Biden’s arrival at the White House. While Biden has called the pipeline a “bad deal,” his administration has thus far refused to impose new sanctions on companies involved.


With Nord Stream 2 more than 90 percent complete, Axios’ Jonathan Swan joined Dany and Marc to discuss his recent visit to Ukraine, the threat to Eastern Europe, why the Biden administration hasn’t stood up to Putin, and the Germans’ hypocritical stance on Russia. They also touch on President Trump’s recent appearance at CPAC...


Jonathan Swan is a national political correspondent at Axios, covering the White House and leaders on Capitol Hill. He previously served as a national political reporter for The Hill. Before moving to the United States, Swan was a national political reporter based in Canberra for Fairfax Media.

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