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Charlie's Angels (2000)
Episode 1221st July 2019 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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Good morning Angels.

Good morning Charlie!

Three, is the magic number. You have three blind mice, three little pigs and you always, always have three Angels. Three extraordinary women who work for one man, Charles Townsend, played by three extraordinary actresses.

Drew Barrymore and her production company Flower Films had a vision for a Charlie's Angels movie; she wanted it to be fun, campy and inspirational, where the women were just as sexy as they were funny, as they were skilled at martial arts. So she set out, with her production company partner Nancy Juvonen and pitched her idea, her choice of first time movie director and her vision to the studio. By some miraculous turn of events, she got it, and so did we, and boy it's just so much fun to watch!

Charlie's Angels is often lampooned as a terrible movie. Whilst it's not perfect, it has a great cast who worked incredibly hard, and have built life-long friendships because of this movie.

Just don't talk about that moonwalk. It's not a moonwalk, Drew!

Also, don't talk about that time Bill Murray headbutted the director.

Also also, don't talk about the argument between Lucy Liu and Bill Murray.

Maybe just don't talk about Bill Murray at all, ok.

Also, don't talk about salaries.

Or the many many screenwriters and script edits.

How is this movie even coherent?!

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