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Business Breakthrough - Estie Rand EPISODE 97, 4th August 2020
97: Maximize the Efficiency of Your Healthcare Business with Scott Burgess (Part 2)
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97: Maximize the Efficiency of Your Healthcare Business with Scott Burgess (Part 2)

3500% growth in a month and a half. That's what happened to the telehealth industry since Coronavirus hit us all. In this episode, Scott Burgess discusses the effects of Coronavirus on the health industry and how you need to adapt your healthcare business in light of the recent pandemic.

No one knows what's going to come next, but one thing that's certain is that there is going to be massive shifts in the way we get medical care. Be it getting your blood pressure taken through your watch, or micro-bots that give a blood sample, it's definitely evolve or die. This episode is going to blow you away!

My Guest: Scott Burgess

Scott Burgess Boston native, South Florida transplant, entrepreneur! Execution is not for everyone. Neither is consulting. Merging the two, highlights what results are intended to look like. Technological understanding and customer centric implementation can make for an interesting combination. 

For the past sixteen plus years, Scott has served his customers cheerfully. His goal is to create raving fans, loyal customers and provide value beyond expectations. 

He has grown exponentially in the organizations that he has been associated with, again only second to those who trust him in the efforts of collaboration. 

As of recent, owner and operator of Healthcare360 Media, which hosts the top 15 medical podcast "Healthcare360 Podcast"  


You never know where someone is coming from.

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