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The Gospel of Idolatry
27th October 2020 • Abundant Life • Saso Mendez & Ben Arellano
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In the last episode we covered the topic of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the Good News of Jesus Christ. This episode is called the Gospel of Idolatry. Why in the world did we title this episode the Gospel of Idolatry? There are things we place importance on that that is not the good news, it is not the gospel of Jesus Christ but the "gospel" of an idol we have set up in our life. The problems the experiences of our life will never bring us joy nor will they allow for the rejoicing of my heart. My heart rejoices in Him and the gospel of Jesus Christ. John 16:33 Jesus has overcome this world, He is our hope He is our joy, the gospel, good news! Proclaim Jesus Christ and not your own agenda or soap box in which you stand. Do you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or do you preach something in place of it? Do you make your own personal issues or agendas more important than God’s Word? Are you focused on the truth or do you refuse to be corrected? May we align our thoughts with God and may we about His business. Luke 2:49 John 4:14 The point is not simply give someone water but to offer them the water (Gospel) which is the water that fully satisfies the thirst. Mark 8:36  Our encouragement to you is to repent, forsake your sin, confess and be restored to fellowship with Jesus. 1 John 1:9 Support the show (




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