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Increase Your Cash Flow: How to Make and KEEP More Money
Episode 4806th March 2023 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Are you sticking to a budget in your business? What new stream of income could you add to your business? Let's dive into ways you can keep more of your money and increase your cash  flow to invest. Rinse and repeat!

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Want to make consistent cash flow and have a more profitable business? I’m here to share some of the things I’ve done in Mommy Millionaire to decrease expenses in my business, increase revenue, and make sure my money is making me MORE money! Whether it's your personal finances or within your business this episode is a great way to look at where your money is going and how to increase your income. Listen in as I share how I’ve made cuts in my business budget, tips for creating a membership offer (from my own experience and others), and how much I recommend setting aside strictly towards investments. Mommy Millionaires, this episode has multiple ways you can increase your cash flow. Now go out and do it!!

00:45 Do you want consistent cash flow?

03:00 Are you sticking to a budget in your business?

08:15 How to increase the money you are making.

10:20 Benefits of using credit cards for your business.

12:00 How to get started in investing.

17:15 Tips for running a successful membership program.




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