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EWM Insights with Cy Aleman - First Down and a Lifetime to Go!
Episode 1314th November 2023 • EWM INSIGHTS • Paul Bertrand Ellis, CIMA®
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Welcome to EWM INSIGHTS where we celebrate on HUMAN CAPITAL!

In this edition podcast we sit down with Cy Aleman.

EWM INSIGHTS with special Special Guest Cy Aleman, CFP®

In this episode of Insights CY Aleman is our guest.

We discuss Cy's unique journey from being Second Team Pac-10 All Academic WR for the Oregon Ducks to eventually being part of the electrifying team that ranked the #2 team in in College Football, to today leading a winning financial support team for Amundi Asset Management that spans the Northwest, Alaska, Montana and Idaho assisting Independent financial advisors and Bank Groups. 

As a Senior Vice President at for Amundi Asset Management, Cy is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with financial professionals and helping grow their practice. 

 Cy's has a passion for helping his clients with both business and personal development, creating high level engagements that are on the cutting edge of the industry standard. 

What Cy enjoys the most about his work is building long-term authentic relationships with the outstanding professionals in his territory and helping them break through to new levels of excellence. 

"I also have a passion for finding an edge… Standing on the edge and feeling the fear and working through it. It’s the only place I have been able to find true growth in my life." 

-Cy Aleman

Topics Covered:

  • First Down and a Lifetime to Go 
  • Not Making the Cut 
  • Breaking Through 
  • The Value of Mentorship 
  • I Am Enough 

Note: This is personal life story discussion, and NOT an offer to purchase or sell insurance or investment products. 

It is Ellis Wealth Management’s expressed position that investments should be understood and discussed with an accredited financial professional before purchase. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investments can loose value which includes risk to principle

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Cy Aleman, CFP


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