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How to cope with financial anxiety, with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin
Episode 1038th June 2022 • The Grow Your Private Practice Show • Jane Travis
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As a therapist, how do you feel about money?

Do you feel confident, enforcing your cancellation policy and increasing your fees without stress?

Or does the thought of doing those things make you feel anxious and tense?

Well, my guest today is Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, a therapist that works with money anxiety, and in this episode, she shares how to cope with financial anxiety.

We all need money in order to live, and most of us would like more - maybe a little bit more, maybe a lot more.

But despite money being an inanimate object, just some paper and coins it can cause a whole lot of problems for us both as individuals and as private practice owners.

So if you procrastinate around money conversations with your clients or you haven’t increased your fees for years, take a listen to this episode because Lindsay Bryan-Podvin can help.

Lindsay is the author of ‘The Financial Anxiety Solution: A Step-by-Step Workbook to Stop Worrying about Money, Take Control of Your Finances, and Live a Happier Life’ and also produces the Mind Money Balance podcast.

She has tons of experience helping people get more comfortable and confident around money, and as a financial therapist helps people learn more about their emotional relationship with money.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is financial anxiety?
  • How do you identify it
  • How to dial down your own financial worries

Think you’ll enjoy this one!

About Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Lindsay describes herself as:

I'm a biracial (Filipina-white) female social worker-turned-financial therapist, author, and speaker.”

She says “I talk about money in a way that doesn’t make you feel gross.”

She believes that personal finance and mental health are inherently intersected with politics, race, and gender. “My goal is to cultivate a shame-free space to engage with money. I want all of my clients to feel powerful and abundant in their relationship with money and to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves into therapy and coaching”.

She’s the author of The Financial Anxiety Solution, which is a self-paced workbook to help you stop stressing about money by applying therapy techniques to your relationship with money.

She produces the Mind Money Balance podcast too, where she explores all manner of things to do with financial anxiety for therapists.

And learn more about your relationship with money by taking her Financial Archetype Quiz

Connect with Lindsay

Go and say hi - and tell her you heard her on The Grow Your Private Practice Show podcast!

Instagram @mindmoneybalance

Website: MindMoneyBalance

The Book ‘The financial anxiety solution

The Mind Money Balance Podcast

The Financial Archetype Quiz

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