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Ep24 - Building Your Dream With $40
Episode 242nd July 2019 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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We have a world champion on our show today! He is the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking champion who built his dream in the US after he and his family migrated from Jamaica. He is also an awesome coach, keynote speaker, all around inspiring person – a man who proved that persevering and succeeding against the odds is possible even with just $40 in his pocket!

Mark Brown has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:04] Mark takes us through his family’s journey towards the American dream with $40 in his pocket.
  • [05:05] Mark could never forget his father’s statement in the embassy about opportunity and risks.
  • [06:55] How did Mark’s parents instill the success mentality in him?
  • [07:33] What is the value of education to Mark and his family vs. self-entitlement?
  • [10:33] What was going through Mark’s mind during the 1995 Public Speaking championship?
  • [11:53] How was David Brooks, the 1990 World Champion in Public Speaking, instrumental in Mark’s win?
  • [13:07] What was the “make-or-break” decision that Mark made three weeks before the World Championship?
  • [15:08] Mark shares how the 1995 Public Speaking Championship transformed his life.
  • [16:35] Excellence and overcoming fears – how did Mark narrow his focus on these topics for corporations?
  • [17:21] What is Mark’s most requested keynote to this day (for more than 23 years)?
  • [18:53] How does he help his clients identify what their message is?
  • [20:00] How long does it typically take for Mark’s coaching clients to find their message or to narrow it down?

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