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Limiting Beliefs Will Stop You Finding Clients
Episode 6910th June 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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We gather our beliefs from all areas of our life and work including from our family, our culture, our peers, our environment, etc. They help us make sense of our experiences and navigate the world, and we store them as our personal facts. 

Limiting beliefs about your ability to be successful will stop you from finding clients and building a sustainable holistic business.

 A few examples include:

  • I don’t have the training/experience to build a business
  • There is too much competition
  • I’m never going to be able to earn a living as a practitioner
  • Money isn’t important, I just want to help people
  • I can’t be successful
  • People won’t pay for what I have to offer
  • I’m a private person, I can’t put myself out there and tell people what I do
  • I’m a total failure
  • I'm no good at selling or marketing myself

Listen in on the stories you’re telling yourself about your business and your ability to succeed. These stories are reinforcing the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way and keeping you stuck. You’ll unconsciously start looking for evidence to back them up - guess what, you’ll find it!

  • (03:35) Identify the stories you tell yourself
  • (06:31) What's your new story?
  • (07:26) Supporting your new story
  • (09:48) Take action

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