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Go Beyond Numbers - Navigating Business Relationships with Dr. Patty Ann Tublin
Episode 154th May 2023 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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Welcome back to Go Beyond Numbers, where we're bringing one of our favorite guests back to the show for an all-new episode!

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, CEO & Founder of Relationship Toolbox, joins us for a deep dive into the challenges surrounding business relationships and partnerships. This can be a complicated minefield of strategic conversations throughout your career and Dr. Patty Ann provides a wealth of insight you can utilize in your own experiences!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:48 - We all own Social Capital and it plays a vital role in our lives

3:00 - Who is Dr. Patty Ann Tublin?

4:02 - The nature of a professional relationship and partnership

7:50 - The importance of trust within professional relationships

13:50 - How to tell people difficult things when you're worried about hurting them

20:03 - The steps to navigate a tough conversation as a boss

24:23 - The first time Tony had to fire someone

29:33 - Letting employees underperform when you're afraid of replacing them

33:55 - The true essence of a business partnership and how it should function

38:10 - Running with a hobby, but ultimately creating a job for yourself

42:32 - The success of your business is predicated upon your ability to sustain healthy relationships that are rooted in trust

44:00 - How to find Dr. Patty Ann Tublin online

45:39 - Closing remarks

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