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Part 4: The Mysterious Characters of Reformed Egyptian w/ Dr. John Lundwall
Episode 7314th September 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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In Episode 4 of Mormonish Podcast’s series with Dr. John Lundwall, Dr. Lundwall examines the "Caractors Document" with symbols allegedly written from the gold plates, as well as other examples of glyphs from both the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham.

Lundwall recounts the testimony of Charles Anthon and compares the writing from the gold plates to magical seals from the Western esoteric tradition; textual density problems are soon resolved when one considers the magic worldview and how Joseph Smith imagined ancient writing systems.

Dr. Lundwall ends the episode by comparing the Caractors Document with every known writing system and examines the iconographic features of the symbols to determine that the script has to be logo-syllabic, but then shows problematic issues with the symbols, especially in the proper names that are being represented by them. Once again, this episode will leave you saying, “How did I never think of this..”

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